Our Story

The Rōz Co. started with it's founders daily use of cannabis in his professional life.  While it started as a simple fun intoxication, cannabis use started to present its numerous benefits, even for an engineer, father, and husband.  Through experimentation with the flower and its unique properties, other benefits presented themselves, such as sparking creativity, increasing productivity, and a positive way to build relationships.

However, he continuously was frustrated by not only the lack of products he could identify with, but also the social conversation regarding cannabis use.  While he knew thousands of responsible adults were using cannabis regularly, the overarching social conversation was of vices, laziness, and irresponsibility.  The societal judgment just did not match the objective reality.  In addition, the marketplace was not equipped to deliver products that the modern professional could emotionally connect with.  This is when The Rōz Co. was born.  After countless hours of research, written articles, and inspiration from notable individuals such as Steve D'Angelo, it is time to change the conversation.  The Rōz Co. was founded for the upstanding, productive, and positive cannabis user.   To change social perception and increase awareness of cannabis's ability to increase wellness, productivity, and to foster relationships.  And thus, the first engineered product was created; a sealed, all-aluminum, child resistant container, that ensures it's contents are safe around our children, but also provides a container that is a joy to interact with.

The Rōz Co. aims to create products and generate information that aids the growth of responsible cannabis use, and allows creative professionals the ability to own products they can actually identify with. Products that not only are functional, but also are visually appealing and spark join in those who interact with them.